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Hotel Sector
Every Hotel is at the constant search of management quality, of an excellent service and elegance of the environments. And about furnishings and internal architecture, the hotel has a fit allied: CUDICINI Srl for more then twenty years is specialized in the hotel contract.

The quality of materials is a fundamental factor where the hotel has to invest, looking for the refinement of design and the taste for the colours, without to leave the thecnical characteristics, that are guarantee of an excellent yield and a long lenght.

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rised floors covered with autolaying squares
Cudicini S.r.l

Important realizations on behalf of the prestigious clients, like Ciga Hotel, Sifalberghi, are as many evidences of an extremely hight level of reliability. A reliability that CUDICINI Srl express in every stage of its intervention in the furnishing: from the progect to the search of materials, from the installation to the testing, from the small assistance intervention to the big "turnkey" contract.

We put to your disposal a large expository space where, driving by internal staff, you have the possibility to search between numerouses samplings of better national and foreign makes.
Throught an infinity variety of colours and designs, that we study also "ad hoc" for large quantities, we are able to grant every desire of planning, collaborating with the professional man or furnishing our advice and experience straight to the customer.

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