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It was born in Milano at the end of the sixties. Since the beginning the firm has specialized his activity in the sector of textile flooring and covering of the walls. In the first years of production, the Cudicini's work - planed with the study of architecture - is especially turned to the residential environments that require a product of quality, also with high prices, in accordance with the inclinations that then characterized the sectors of reference.
After some years however, the market undergoes great transformations in the buy percentage of the different flooring types. So also Cudicini conforms and acts accordingly: the firm are progressively drawing to the hotel contract, where the textile flooring - especially of hight level - doesn't feel the effects at all of the consumers downturn that has instead checked in the residential ambit during the eighties (a drastic fall of the sales that are likewise accentuaded by the housing crisis).
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Cudicini S.r.l.
Moquettes in wool and synthetic fibre
Contemporaneously we watch to a significant expansion of offer; near to forniture and placing of textile floorings, they appear new floorings realized by alternative materials, from vinyl (pvc) to linoleum and rubber, from countless varieties of parquet to coco and vegetable fibres.
Also about the covering of the walls, today Cudicini's fornitures are not only wallpaper, but they comprend the vinyl tapestries too and then also particular fabrics like damasks, silks and brocades otherwise cotton and flax that, if conveniently worked, can be straight stuck on the walls.

But, in any case, Cudicini is traditionalty a firm specialized in the textile sector, that also today, it warrants a lot of his invoiced.
On the other hand the moquette represents on all occasions, the ideal product for the exigencies of this type of structures, as it is acoustic insulation, of great comfort and easily coordinable with tapestries, bedcovers, curtains, and stuffeds.

Cudicini for these last ten years has worked very much for hotels, from small requests to the fornitures for the big chains, like Ciga and Novotel, studing every time appropriate solutions for every specific problem.
So today his products present sole characteristics of adaptability regard this market sector: an infinity variety of colours and drawings, that are able to be studied to measure in the event of large quantities ordered; hight hygienical standard and a hight cleaning convenience; extremely facility and moderate prices when it is necessary to intervene for maintenances and replacements, in total compliance with the more severe laws of European Community for fires prevention.

And then the -Cudicini's ulterior "Plus" - advice and assistent service that it has allowed at the firm of Milano to make an its great professionality image, that is able to surpass the recession and negative economic trend.
And finally, in these last years, near the floors and the walls, the mark is associated also with the downright furnishings, constituted by stuffeds, bedcovers, and other covering in satin, silk, cotton, mixed silk, damask and brocades especially useful for the curtains as they make and indispensable coordinate with the other clothes. On the other hand now the hotel request is more and more addressed to a single interlocutor who has, if possible, a certified and professional experience, to obtain complete furnishings "packets", precisely like Cudicini.

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